Get More Calcium And Potassium From Yogurt

For many years, yogurt has been an excellent source of calcium. However, in recent times, it has also become a great source of potassium. A number of different types of yogurt are loaded with healthy nutrients. They contain plenty of calcium and other foods that would be considered healthy.

In a single cup of yogurt, you will also find zinc, iodine, phosphorous, potassium and lactic acid. If you’re looking for the best yogurt maker 2015, then we’ve got news for you. I have actually discovered the best model, but you will need to click the link shown above. The health benefits of yogurt have become so impressive that a number of doctors recommend it.

In fact, it could save your life someday, but it will never be able to help you unless you start eating it. The healthiest of modern yogurts are those that have live active cultures, which are also known as good bacteria. I find that the best yogurt is usually marked with a label that indicates it’s a probiotic yogurt.